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Rainbow Seed is the first noticeable match 3 game which is played in a hexagonal map. The story is about helping a minion collect rainbow seeds and on the way to become a true rainbow maker.

The game play is most likely the same with Bejeweled or other of match 3 games, you move a seed by swapping it with adjacent ones and make at least 3 of same color seeds in a straight line to collect them and make a rainbow with collected seeds - but this time - in a much more perplexing HEXAGONAL MAP.

Rainbow Seed has 2 game modes: Zen and Arcade.
- ZEN MODE is suitable for relaxing. It has unlimited time with tranquil background music, so you can enjoy playing any time at any place (especially before going to bed).
- ARCADE MODE is designed for players who like to challenge themselves and their friends. With the additional time limit, the game becomes utterly different. You will have to sharpen your mind and move your fingers as fast as possible before the time runs out to finish the rainbow on time.



- MORE CREATIVE AND ADVANCED STRATEGY with the new hexagonal map
- Challenge yourselves with 2 GAME MODES and unlock the MYSTERIOUS 70 LEVELS
- Special seeds such as MAGIC SEED and BUTTERFLY SEED will help you collect much more faster.
- Spare time and special seeds will REMAIN TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
- Integrated Game Center with 3 LEADERBOARDS which shows the highest scores in both modes and also the accumulated total score.

- The graphic makes use of 8 different colors to make the game looks like a rainbow garden.
- The progress bar, which show you how much the rainbow is done, is also designed like a rainbow.
- Varying backgrounds are represent different colors and it changes upon your level

- Background music is optimized for each mode. While music tracks in Zen Mode is quite relaxing and meditative, those in Arcade Mode is more rushing and accelerating.
- Sound effects are specially designed to represent user actions and interactions.

Published Jul 16, 2013


In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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